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東京・かっぱ橋道具街®にある箸専門店 はし藤本店(株式会社はし藤本店、代表取締役:上中康成)は、時間や場所、身体的な制約のために店舗に行くことができないお客様に向けて、営業時間を問わずいつでもどこからでも、かつ人との接触を避けて日本の森をイメージした実際の店内を歩いているかのような臨場感で買い物の楽しさを体験できる ― VR店舗サービス を開始しました。
VR店舗 URL:https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=EARVhBvKTbq









Theme Is the new store a forest in VR space? The Challenge of a Chopstick Shop Specializing in Chopsticks Established 111 Years Ago

HASHITOU-HONTEN CO.,Ltd. (President: Yasunari Uenaka), a chopstick specialty store located in Tokyo’s Kappabashi Dokugugai®, is offering customers who are unable to visit the store due to time, location, or physical constraints the opportunity to shop from anywhere, anytime, during any business hour, and without human contact in an actual Japanese forest-imaged The VR store service allows shoppers to experience the joy of shopping with the realistic sensation of walking through the store.

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■The theme of the store is “Japanese forests and Japanese craftsmen.
Seven Japanese cedar pillars, large Hinoki chopsticks, and disposable cedar chopsticks welcome customers inside the store, allowing them to feel both the forest and the craftsmanship of the artisans. The company’s original “Japanese disposable chopstick series” and other products made from local timber from all over Japan allow customers to experience the forests of Japan through the chopsticks.

■Enjoy shopping while feeling thi atmosphere and world view of the store
The VR store allows customers to visually experience the atmosphere of the store as it is.
While conventional e-commerce sites only allow users to make purchase decisions based on photos and text, VR stores represent the interior, fixtures, product displays, spatial presentation, and other details in the same way as actual stores, allowing users to enjoy shopping, including the atmosphere and world view of the store.

For example, visitors can compare product textures and colors as if they were in the actual store, or experience a simulated realistic store atmosphere with wide aisles, cedar pillars, and other fixtures arranged in such a way that the entire store can be seen.

■Anywhere,anytime, as many times as you like
In addition, as long as there is an Internet environment, VR stores can be used “anywhere,” “anywhere you want,” “any time you want,” and “as many times as you want. Even office workers who have been unable to visit during business hours, people living far away, and people residing overseas can simulate the joy of shopping.

Hashitoh plans to position the new VR store as a “forest” in a virtual space and make it an oasis for spreading the Japanese forest, Japanese craftsmanship, and chopstick culture widely.

Company name: HASHITOU HONTEN Co.,Ltd.
Representative: Yasunari Uenaka, Representative Director
Store location: 2-6-2 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo (Kappabashi Tool Street)
Telephone number: (+81) 3-3844-0723
Fax: (+81) 3-3845-6304
Home Page:https://hashitou.co.jp/
Online store: https://hashitou.shop-pro.jp/
VR Store: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=EARVhBvKTbq
Contact us: https://hashitou.co.jp/contact/

Company name: Polaris Infotech Inc.
Representative: Makoto Higashino (JHOyakata), President
Location: 2-15-3-B2, Misuji, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Home Page: https://www.polarit.co/
Contact: https://www.polarit.co/about-us/